Missing values processing

The missing values processing mode depends on the feature type.

Numerical features

CatBoost interprets the value of a numerical feature as a missing value if it is equal to one of the following values when reading from an input file:

“”, “#N/A”, “#N/A N/A”, “#NA”, “-1.#IND”, “-1.#QNAN”, “-NaN”, “-nan”, “1.#IND”, “1.#QNAN”, “N/A”, “NA”, “NULL”, “NaN”, “n/a”, “nan”, “null”, “NAN”, “Na”, “na”, “Null”, “none”, “None”, “-”

This is an extended version of the default missing values list in pandas.

The default processing mode is Min. The following methods for changing the default value are provided:

Categorical features
CatBoost does not process categorical features in any specific way.