Trained CatBoost models can be exported to CoreML.

    The following example showcases how to train a model using CatBoostClassifier, save it CoreML using the save_model function and import the model to XCode:

    1. Train the model and save it in CoreML format.

      For example, if training on the Iris dataset:

      import catboost
      import sklearn
      iris = sklearn.datasets.load_iris()
      cls = catboost.CatBoostClassifier(loss_function='MultiClass')
      # Save model to catboost format
      cls.save_model("iris.mlmodel", format="coreml", export_parameters={'prediction_type': 'probability'})
    2. Import the resulting model to XCode.

      The following is an example of importing with Swift:

      import CoreML
      let model = iris()
      let sepal_l = 7.0
      let sepal_w = 3.2
      let petal_l = 4.7
      let petal_w = 1.4
      guard let output = try? model.prediction(input: irisInput(feature_0: sepal_l, feature_1: sepal_w, feature_2: petal_l, feature_3: petal_w)) else {
      fatalError("Unexpected runtime error.")
      format: "Output probabilities: %1.5f; %1.5f; %1.5f",