• Installation
    • Overview
    • Python package installation
    • CatBoost for Apache Spark installation
    • R package installation
    • Command-line version binary
    • Build from source
  • Key Features
  • Training parameters
  • Python package
  • CatBoost for Apache Spark
  • R package
  • Command-line version
  • Applying models
  • Objectives and metrics
  • Model analysis
  • Data format description
  • Parameter tuning
  • Speeding up the training
  • Data visualization
  • Algorithm details
  • FAQ
  • Educational materials
  • Development and contributions
  • Contacts

ONNX-ML parameters

Parameter Possible types Description Default value
onnx_graph_name string The name property of onnx Graph that represents the CatBoost model application. Not set
onnx_domain string The domain component of onnx Model. Not set
onnx_model_version Integer The model_version component of onnx Model. Not set
onnx_doc_string string The doc_string component of onnx Model. Not set