• Installation
    • Overview
    • Python package installation
    • CatBoost for Apache Spark installation
    • R package installation
    • Command-line version binary
    • Build from source
      • Overview
      • Using CMake
      • Using Ya Make (previous versions)
  • Key Features
  • Training parameters
  • Python package
  • CatBoost for Apache Spark
  • R package
  • Command-line version
  • Applying models
  • Objectives and metrics
  • Model analysis
  • Data format description
  • Parameter tuning
  • Speeding up the training
  • Data visualization
  • Algorithm details
  • FAQ
  • Educational materials
  • Development and contributions
  • Contacts

Build from source

CatBoost source code is stored as a Git repository on GitHub at https://github.com/catboost/catboost/. You can obtain a local copy of this Git repository by running the following command from a command line interpreter (you need to have Git command line tools installed):

git clone https://github.com/catboost/catboost.git


CatBoost uses CMake-based build process since this commit. Previously Ya Make (Yandex's build system) had been used.

Select the appropriate build method below accordingly.

Build using CMake

Build using Ya Make (for previous versions)