Return the values of metrics calculated during the training.


Only the values of calculated metrics are output. The following metrics are not calculated by default for the training dataset and therefore these metrics are not output:

  • PFound
  • YetiRank
  • NDCG
  • YetiRankPairwise
  • AUC
  • NormalizedGini
  • FilteredDCG
  • DCG

Use the hints=skip_train~false parameter to enable the calculation. See the Enable, disable and configure metrics calculation section for more details.

Method call format


Type of return value


Output format:

{pool_name: {metric_name_1-1: [value_1, value_2, .., value_N]}, .., {metric_name_1-M: [value_1, value_2, .., value_N]}}

For example:

{'learn': {'Logloss': [0.6720840012056274, 0.6476800666988386, 0.6284055381249782], 'AUC': [1.0, 1.0, 1.0], 'CrossEntropy': [0.6720840012056274, 0.6476800666988386, 0.6284055381249782]}}