Load the dataset from Kaggle Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster.

This dataset is best suited for binary classification.

The training dataset contains 891 objects. Each object is described by 12 columns of numerical and categorical features. The Survived column is often used as the label.

The validation dataset contains 418 objects. The structure is similar to the training dataset except for the Survived column which is omitted.

Method call format


Type of return value

A two pandas.DataFrame tuple (for train and validation datasets).

Usage examples

from catboost.datasets import titanic
titanic_train, titanic_test = titanic()


The output of this example:

   PassengerId  Survived  Pclass                                               Name     Sex   Age  SibSp  Parch            Ticket     Fare Cabin Embarked
0            1         0       3                            Braund, Mr. Owen Harris    male  22.0      1      0         A/5 21171   7.2500   NaN        S
1            2         1       1  Cumings, Mrs. John Bradley (Florence Briggs Th...  female  38.0      1      0          PC 17599  71.2833   C85        C
2            3         1       3                             Heikkinen, Miss. Laina  female  26.0      0      0  STON/O2. 3101282   7.9250   NaN        S