Build the CLI binary app from a local source repository


CatBoost uses CMake-based build process since this commit. Previously Ya Make (Yandex's build system) had been used.

Select the appropriate build method below accordingly.

Source code

CatBoost source code is stored as a Git repository on GitHub at You can obtain a local copy of this Git repository by running the following command from a command line interpreter (you need to have Git command line tools installed):

git clone

Build using CMake

Build catboost target. See Build native artifacts.

Build using Ya Make

  1. Setup build environment

  2. Open the catboost/catboost/app directory from the local copy of the CatBoost repository.

  3. Run the following command:

    ../../ya make -r [optional parameters]
    Parameter Description
    -DCUDA_ROOT The path to CUDA. This parameter is required to support training on GPU.
    -DHAVE_CUDA=no Disable CUDA support. This speeds up compilation.

    By default, the package is built with CUDA support if CUDA Toolkit is installed.
    -o The directory to output the compiled package to. By default, the current directory is used.