Build a wheel package

    Training on GPU requires NVIDIA Driver of version 418.xx or higher.

    To build a self-contained Python Wheel:

    1. Depending on the OS:

    2. Run the catboost/catboost/python-package/ script.

    Optional parameters:

    Parameter Description
    -DCUDA_ROOT The path to CUDA. This parameter is required to support training on GPU.

    For example, to build and install a wheel on Windows for Anaconda with training on GPU support run:

    python.exe -DPYTHON_INCLUDE="/I C:\Anaconda2\include" -DPYTHON_LIBRARIES="C:\Anaconda2\libs\python27.lib" -DCUDA_ROOT="C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v8.0"
    C:\Anaconda2\Scripts\pip.exe install catboost-