Build R package from source directly from GitHub


  • It is strongly recommended to install the released version. Try it if other installation methods result in errors.

  • Training or inference on CUDA-enabled GPU requires NVIDIA Driver of version 450.80.02 or higher.

To install the R package directly from the CatBoost repository:

  1. Set up build environment


CatBoost uses CMake-based build process since this commit. Previously Ya Make (Yandex's build system) had been used.

Select the appropriate build environment setup below accordingly.

  1. Run the following commands:

    remotes::install_github('catboost/catboost', subdir = 'catboost/R-package')


Installation error

If you use script for installation, try to add the repos parameter to the install.packages('devtools') command.
Select any repository from the list.

Example: install.packages("devtools", repos="").

ERROR: some hard-coded temporary paths could not be fixed

This can be mitigated by adding "--no-staged-install" option to INSTALL_opts parameter of remotes::install_url call