Install R package from a local source repository copy


It is strongly recommended to install the released version. Try it if other installation methods result in errors.

Training on GPU requires NVIDIA Driver of version 418.xx or higher.

To install the R package from a local copy of the CatBoost repository:

  1. Set up build environment


    CatBoost uses CMake-based build process since this commit. Previously Ya Make (Yandex's build system) had been used.

    Select the appropriate build environment setup below accordingly.

  2. Clone the repository:

    git clone
  3. Open the catboost/catboost/R-package directory from the local copy of the CatBoost repository.

  4. Run the following commands:



Installation error

If you use script for installation, try to add the repos parameter to the install.packages('devtools') command.
Select any repository from the list.

Example: install.packages("devtools", repos="").